Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Always remember,

Bathroom "art" is the most purest form of art because it is done neither for monetary gain or critical acclaim.
Sorry for this one being vertical, I wanted to make it big but still fit on the page. Anyway, if you are too lazy to tilt your head, the writing says, "Put a tally if you have diarrhea ." There are quite a few tallies. I wonder what these kids are eating *HINT HINT SEE NEXT PICTURE*

The mystery is solved. For those who can't make it out, "Fuck taco hell." I guess someone was deeply offended and had to add his, "I love tacos, faggot." piece.  

What about having a small penis? Or the ability to be easily burned in the sun? Or the inability to jump?

All from USF, Tampa, FL

Homo-erotic tendencies

Before you go off and make assumptions about my sense of humor, I want you to know that I don't find these, "I want to suck dick" writing very funny, or creative for that matter. The point of this post to to show how unoriginal it is to write something of that variation and how much of there is already out there. Anyway, some people aren't creative and their subconscious desire to suck dick over comes them whilst taking a shit. Oh well.  

USF, Tampa, FL



There is something funny about vandals vandalizing vandalism.

Why is it people's top priority to put graffiti in a bathroom stall? I don't understand it. If it's gang-related, does that mean that the toilet is their territory and you must relinquish the throne upon one of them arriving? Another thing, do people write the graffiti while they are shitting or do they just go in there for the sole purpose to write stupid looking letters? Anyway, here are two pictures of vandals vandalizing vandalism. 

USF, Tampa, FL